A conversation with Mikki Kendall

Project BFF sat down with writer Mikki Kendall to talk about the friendships in her life. Project BFF: Tell us a memorable experience with a friend when you were younger. Why has that always stuck with you? Mikki: I used to be one of those very naïve, “my grandmother kept me close to home” kind […]

Friends Holidays

What is your Thanksgiving disaster story? (We know you have one!)

Of the many traditions that exist around Thanksgiving Day in the US, one that only gets better over time is the re-telling (or originating) of dinner disasters. And while they’re not funny at the time (especially if it happens to you) they really become legendary among family and friends. Some of our favorite sitcoms have […]

Books Friends Libraries

The public library as a rite of passage

The library is a mainstay in so many communities. Read about what they mean to Project BFF co-founder Terri.


Boomers + Gen Xers = Amazing Intergenerational Friendships

It is said that one of the best things about an intergenerational friendship is its authenticity: the elements of jealousy or self-consciousness, or keeping up with whomever it may be that you want to keep up with, are pretty much nonexistent.

Friends Friendship 101

Text Me When You Get Home: The Proof of the Power of Friendships

We look forward to evenings out with our best female friends for many reasons. These gatherings are a reward after a long week at work, or a welcome change of scenery from managing our household and its occupants (spouses, kids, pets and more), or caregiving of parents or other relatives and friends. This gathering of […]