Friends Friendship 101 Holidays

Showing Kindness to Others

Gift Giving That is Always the Perfect Fit Welcome to December! It’s the tweltfh and final month of 2023, and brings with it the big holidays of Hannukah (Dec. 7-15), Christmas (Dec. 25) and Kwanzaa (Dec. 26-Jan.1) and many chances to show kindness to others, friends and strangers alike. As we head into the holiday season, there are […]


Feeling lonely? You aren’t alone.

Loneliness – which can leave people feeling anxious, disconnected, and emotionally isolated – now affects 58% of adults in the United States. A recent study by the Cigna Group looked at loneliness and vitality and discovered that people who rated their health as fair or poor had a loneliness score that was nearly 11 points […]

Friends Friendship 101 Gratitude

The magic of gratitude in friendships

In the hustle and bustle of life, gratitude can be the glue that binds us even tighter to our friends.  Here’s why gratitude in friendship matters:* Strengthens connection: Expressing gratitude deepens the emotional connection you share with your friends, reminding them that they are appreciated and valued.* Enhances positivity: It fosters a positive atmosphere, making your […]

Friends Friendship 101 Gratitude Lifelong friends

The beauty of lifelong friendships

Lifelong friendships are the unsung heroes of our lives, quietly weaving themselves into the fabric of our existence. They are a testament to the enduring power of connection, growing stronger with each shared experience. Yet, they need care and attention to flourish. Take a moment to reach out to that lifelong friend, that one who’s […]


A conversation with Mikki Kendall

Project BFF sat down with writer Mikki Kendall to talk about the friendships in her life. Project BFF: Tell us a memorable experience with a friend when you were younger. Why has that always stuck with you? Mikki: I used to be one of those very naïve, “my grandmother kept me close to home” kind […]