A conversation with Mikki Kendall

Project BFF sat down with writer Mikki Kendall to talk about the friendships in her life. Project BFF: Tell us a memorable experience with a friend when you were younger. Why has that always stuck with you? Mikki: I used to be one of those very naïve, “my grandmother kept me close to home” kind […]

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11 Truths About Friendship Every Girl Needs to Know

Knowing what you do today, it’s interesting to consider what kind of friendship advice you would give to your young self or the young women currently in your life.

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Some Recent Books About Women’s Friendships

Our piles of to-be-read books are very high, like we imagine yours are. But we’d love to add some books that dig into the beauty (or pain) of our friendships with one another. Check out these books that talk about women’s friendships. (We only wish we’d read all of these!) If you get a chance […]

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Friendology: Not A Course, Although That Could Have Been Helpful

Let’s play a short game of Jeopardy! for a moment. The category you’ve selected is Science, and the answer is: According to a recent study, its common themes are: pleasure, reciprocity, commitment, voluntary, and mutual respect Sounds very relationship oriented, doesn’t it? And, since you are reading this under the banner of Project BFF, you […]