A conversation with Lydia Denworth

Project BFF sat down author Lydia Denworth to talk about the friendships in her life. Project BFF: Tell us a memorable experience with a friend when you were younger. Why has that always stuck with you? Lydia: There are quite a few. One I’ll share, I think because I’m back in my hometown of Philadelphia. […]

Friends Wellness

Wellness check: Taking care of our friends and neighbors

It’s well documented that having friends enriches our lives and our health, by doing things like preventing loneliness, celebrating the good times, and increasing our sense of belonging. Friends also support us during bad times. And, quite literally sometimes, may actually save us. If you’ve ever had to do a wellness check on a friend, […]

Friends Holidays

Happy holidays from Project BFF

To all our friends near and far: Happy holidays! Since 1971, the Canadian province of Halifax has sent a tree to Boston for Christmas. This year, the tree is dedicated to healthcare workers to honor both Boston’s response after the Halifax Explosion and those who are working on the frontlines during the COVID-19 pandemic. This […]

Books Friends

Friendships that start in libraries

When I think of books and libraries, I have the warmest of feelings. These are the things that shaped my life and my friendships.

Friends Friendship 101 Making new friends

11 Truths About Friendship Every Girl Needs to Know

Knowing what you do today, it’s interesting to consider what kind of friendship advice you would give to your young self or the young women currently in your life.