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Dear 2020: You had ups and (way too many) downs – but we’re still standing!

Despite this being an unusual and challenging year, reflecting on 2020 is still helpful. You’ve gotten this far–you just may have more grit and resiliency than you thought.

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Five fun ways to thank a friend

Our friends do so much for us, and it’s easy to get into habits with each other and forget to express your gratitude—for their presence in your life, perhaps, or for something specific they did for you. We’re all busy and life is a little bit strange right now, challenging our relationships. So, this is […]

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When a Friend Dies

The death of a friend can be particularly hard because we don’t get the same level of support for grieving friends.

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Using Love Language to Prioritize Friendships

How do we communicate our appreciation for the friends in our lives? As life gets busy and schedules no longer match up, we don’t always have the opportunity in person to show we care, but we have to find new ways to prioritize these relationships in times of stress. We’ve been thinking a lot recently […]