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Dear 2020: You had ups and (way too many) downs – but we’re still standing!

Despite this being an unusual and challenging year, reflecting on 2020 is still helpful. You’ve gotten this far–you just may have more grit and resiliency than you thought.

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Steel Magnolias: What It Shows Us About Female Friendship

Steel Magnolias is a fabulous story of female friendships. A little gem that is a timeless affirmation of female friendships and their resilience.

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Friends are Breaking Up Over Social Distancing

The measures related to COVID-19 are being debated by individuals and groups alike. There are growing instances of friends with opposing perspectives that lead to disagreement and disappointment in one another, with a potential for long-term impact on their friendships.

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When a Friend Dies

The death of a friend can be particularly hard because we don’t get the same level of support for grieving friends.

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Friends in the Time of Virus

Humans are social animals. And we need to maintain our friendships, especially at this difficult time.