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Five fun ways to thank a friend

Our friends do so much for us, and it’s easy to get into habits with each other and forget to express your gratitude—for their presence in your life, perhaps, or for something specific they did for you. We’re all busy and life is a little bit strange right now, challenging our relationships. So, this is a friendly reminder to actually say the words: Thank you

Sometimes you need to do something more than just say it. Sometimes a gift or gesture will really show a friend how much she means to you. Think about the ways you’re grateful for a friend. It might be just the gesture a friend needs right now.

There are as many ways to show gratitude to your friends as there are stars in the sky. (We’re feeling a little poetic here at Project BFF HQ). We came up with five ideas, actual things you can give someone—in addition to your love and attention—to show them your gratitude.

  1. Gift bag. What should you put in the gift bag? Some of her favorite things, of course. Like bright copper pennies and warm woolen mittens. Or some tea and a mug for drinking it. Or some yummy food or sweets. A favorite wine or liqueur. Candles and an Enya CD? 
  2. Gift cards. Always a favorite and these days when it’s a little more of a challenge for some to get out to the store, a gift card they can use online is a great idea. Consider getting gift cards from local restaurants and stores to help support them right now.
  3. An actual, physical, put-a-stamp-on-it-and-drop-it-at-the-post-office thank you card or letter with words you write using a pen. Few of us get a lot of mail and there is something so sweet about opening up the mailbox and seeing a friend’s handwriting on the outside of a card-sized envelope. 
  4. Flowers. A trusted old standby. Flowers or a plant can really brighten up a room.
  5. A list of things your friend has done that you’re grateful for. That can be 5, 50, or 500, whatever you want to write down. You can give this to her in an email or in a song you compose or written in crayon on construction paper. We’re pretty sure your friend will love knowing how much you appreciate her, no matter how you share that message with her.

Find a few more ideas about showing gratitude to anyone in your life, friends and beyond, here at Tiny Buddha.

Thank you!

Photo by Portuguese Gravity on Unsplash

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