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Project BFF in Braintree

The Thayer Public Library is a key spot on the list of places pivotal to Project BFF.

Terri and Manya have spent many hours inside the Thayer Public Library. Not far from the Braintree T station, we came here to get some serious work done. In our windowless room on the second floor (which allowed us to really focus!) we discussed business plans and how to make sure that we had fun, and could make a little money, with Project BFF.

The Thayer Public Library in Braintree (MA) has created spaces for all age groups under one roof. There is work space (and a little cafe) for adults and students, a teen room with an anime collection, and a space for kids under 5 years old that is so bright and inviting, it makes you wish you were a toddler again.

Terri has also joined community meetings here, where she met our friends from Herself360 who have become friends and key partners of Project BFF. She stopped by recently to talk about the library.

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